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QUICKIE WheelDrive




 WheelDrive 350px

Unique dual rim concept, WheelDrive not only gives power assistance while self-propelling, it also allows for continues drive.


The large 'assist rim' provides extra power assistance while self-propelling. Choose from three support levels, each with their own specific driving characteristics. The small 'drive rim' gives you continuous drive at three speed levels - like a 'joystick on the wheel', no effort required. Naturally, switching between both rims is easy. So you always get exactly the support you need!


The top speed is 10 km/h (assist rim) / 6 km/h (drive rim). When driving down a slope, the motors will brake automatically - for maximum safety and security.


The Wheels can be set-up and installed on most manual wheelchairs very easily without adding extra brackets. They incorporate anti-tip wheels, so without the WheelDrive attached the lightweight chair remains the same as it was originally without the WheelDrive.

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