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Research & Design Progress on Our Custom Wheelchairs: A Look at the Latest changes

In our latest post, we’d like to share with you a glimpse into the bits of progress we’ve made in the research and design of our custom wheelchairs. We have two main models in our daily-use range; the minimalist ‘single-tube’ version is the Street XL (Extra Light) and the robust ‘box-shape’ Street Classic.

Following the Trend in the Market

We take immense pride in our ability to create custom wheelchairs that cater to the specific requirements and needs of each individual client. Our commitment to providing outstanding service has resulted in a high number of repeat customers who opt for a wheelchair that is almost identical to their previous one, albeit with updated features. This is one of the primary reasons why we continue to manufacture our own wheelchairs.

However, we also understand the importance of meeting the expectations of our new customers, which is why we have made some changes to the design of how the castor-fork attaches to the frame. We have made it more minimalistic and aligned with the contemporary designs of our competitors’ chairs.

Bromakin Street Classic Wheelchair new 2023 alternative design of frame, in beadblasted titanium finish

The new configuration has sealed bearings races within the top section of the castor fork. The pair of bearings in each fork are replaceable by the user using tools and the correct technique, and we offer maintenance in our workshop.

Commitment to High Quality

One of the things that distinguish our Bromakin wheelchairs, is the way that they are fabricated to the very highest standards that we can achieve. Our fabricators are not only tube manipulators and welders, but also trained machinists, so if you need a solution that requires a bespoke solution, then they can adapt a standard design to suit. High-Quality is prioritised above Production-Speed by Bromakin, and when it comes to the strength and aesthetics of a welded joint, taking the time to mitre the tubes perfectly together before starting to weld, helps to create perfect welds. 

Bromakin Street Classic Wheelchair new 2023 design of frame, in polished titanium

Fabrication Techniques

Bromakin wheelchair frames are made from either Aluminium or Titanium. Therefore, changing the design of a boss welded to the frame requires two separate lots of R&D, one for 6082 grade Aluminium, and one for Grade 2 Titanium. Often prototypes can be turned on a lathe in-house, or when required, we outsource our CNC machining to local firms. 

Our fabricators have many decades of experience with TIG welding, and we would go so far as to say that their welding is some of the very best that’s available on a wheelchair!

Bromakin Street Wheelchair new 2023 design of frame components welded sets

See it for yourself

If you’re thinking of buying a custom-made wheelchair, call Bromakin today on 01509 217569 and make an appointment to visit us at our Loughborough showroom. We will demonstrate our Bromakin ‘Street’ wheelchair models for you, and can show you where we fabricate the wheelchairs in our adjoining warehouse unit, if desired.

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