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Sports wheelchairs are a type of self-propelled wheelchair, specially adapted to meet the demands of an active lifestyle. Most sports wheelchairs are constructed using a rigid frame, creating a more aerodynamic design that aids speed, acceleration, and maneuverability. Built using materials such as titanium and carbon, the frames are welded, reducing the number of removable elements for a more lightweight option.

At Bromakin, we offer a wide range of sports wheelchairs, including options for racing, basketball, rugby, and tennis. We like to keep abreast of rule changes across the major sports, so that you can be confident you are choosing the best, most compliant sports wheelchair available. Whether you are a recreational or professional athlete, we have the right chair for you. 

We work with athletes across the UK to provide the best sports wheelchairs. In fact, our company was co-founded by Peter Carruthers, who had a long and successful career in wheelchair racing. He completed over 50 marathons as well as winning a gold medal and achieving a world record at the 1988 Seoul Paralympics – all in his Bromakin wheelchair.

Our team of mobility specialists understand that choosing the right sports wheelchair is important, so we offer appointments at our Loughborough showroom where you can try the different options before you buy. We also provide a customer assessment service to ensure that your new wheelchair fully meets your needs. If you require a bespoke option that’s customised to your individual requirements, please contact us. 

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