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Handcycles (also known as handbikes) have been increasing in popularity over the last few years with both disabled and able-bodied users. Propelled in a similar way to regular bicycles, handcycles use hand cranks instead of foot peddles to power the cycle forwards. This switch from leg powered to arm powered has opened cycling up to people with a variety of abilities including amputees, paraplegics, and tetraplegics.

At Bromakin, we stock a wide range of handcycles including ones suitable for sports and leisure activities. We have partnered with the leading names to provide only the best manual handbikes including Varna, Quickie, Speedy, FreeWheel, Top End, CarbonBike, and Wolturnus.

Our range also includes power-assisted handcycles, available as attachments for your existing wheelchair or handbike. These electric motors provide assistance with pedalling, allowing you to get an extra boost for difficult terrains or when you need to take a rest. As they convert your existing wheelchair or bike, you’re not tied to a single model, you can switch between different types to suit your requirements.

Contact us today to discuss your handcycle needs or arrange an appointment at our Loughborough showroom to try before you buy.

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