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Wheelchairs Power Add Ons

At Bromakin we offer a range of wheelchair power attachments that allow you to quickly convert your manual wheelchair into a power-assisted one. Wheel-Power-Attachments hide the electric motor & battery inside the wheel-hub, in place of your existing drive wheels. Or Front-Power-Attachments just dock on & off the chair as and when desired, and for Off-Road use they can achieve speeds of between 20 to 30mph! Rear-Power-Attachments are the newest product category, and weight only about 6kg, keeping the overall weight of your wheelchair low for easy transportation. 

Our range of wheelchair wheel power attachments includes options from the leading mobility brands. Twion wheels and e-motion wheels by Alber are amongst our customer favourites that we’ve been supplying since the year 2000. The Quickie WheelDrive is also a popular choice thanks to its unique dual rim concept that provides power-assistance while self-propelling or continuous drive, allowing you to switch between the two options depending on the environment.

For assistance or advice on choosing the right wheelchair motor attachment for your requirements, contact our mobility experts today. Alternatively, book an appointment at our Loughborough showroom to view and try the different options available. 

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