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Electric Wheelchairs & Powerchairs

Electric wheelchairs and powerchairs are available with three different power options; front-wheel drive, mid-wheel drive, and rear wheel drive. Each option comes with its own set of benefits. Front-wheel drive wheelchairs have their drive system at the front and are a great choice for travelling at speeds due to their stability. Mid-wheel drive wheelchairs (also known at centre drive) have their drive system located under the seat and provide excellent maneuverability indoors thanks to their tight turning radius. Rear-wheel drive wheelchairs have their drive system located towards the rear and provide good all round stability even outdoors or on rough terrain. 

At Bromakin, we stock powerchairs by the leading and best-known names in the mobility industry. Whether you’re looking for a standard or configurable powerchair, you’ll find an option to match your individual requirements in our range.

We understand how important power-assisted wheelchairs are to helping the user maintain their independence, so we have options to suit a variety of user styles. From standing electric wheelchairs that raise you to a standing position allowing you to access surfaces that may otherwise be out of reach to transportable powerchairs that quickly fold down for easy storage while travelling. Our range also includes bariatric powerchairs with a wider seat and more generous maximum weight allowance.

Browse the full range above for more details on our product range or contact us today to arrange an appointment at our Loughborough showroom to try before you buy.

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