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The high performance manual wheelchair with standing technology. The touch of a lever elevates you to a safe, comfortable standing position to interact with your active life. At work, in school or at home, LEVO standing wheelchairs, offer exactly what you need: Independence, Mobility, Support, Health and Quality.

Price from: £6,500 Excl. VAT

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LEVO is proud to offer wheelchairs that combine seating and standing positions matched to your unique biomechanical dynamics with superior maneuverability, size, weight, aesthetics and adjustability. Gas springs move you to controlled positioning through easy one hand operation. Convenient quick release rear wheels, front castors and a folding backrest make for easy vehicle transport.

The only downside to a standing wheelchair is that the weight of the mechanisms add-up to make a wheelchair that is too heavy for daily lifting in and out of a vehicle. The weight without wheels is approximately 19kg.



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