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Manual Wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs are designed to be propelled either by the user or an attendant. When user-propelled, the hand rims are used to drive the wheelchair forward. When attendant-propelled, the caregiver will use the handles on the back of the wheelchair to push it. The two options for propulsion play a part in the overall design, with self-propelled wheelchairs having larger wheels at the back and passive wheelchairs having smaller wheels for easy access.

At Bromakin, we stock a wide range of manual wheelchairs, suitable for a variety of mobility issues and user requirements. For active users, we offer lightweight folding wheelchairs that can be collapsed down to a more compact size that makes them easy to transport as well as rigid wheelchairs with removable wheels that are easy to lift in and out of vehicles.

For independent living, our range includes standing wheelchairs that allow you to change your position from sitting to standing.

We also stock a range of bariatric wheelchairs, offering a wider seat and more robust construction for users requiring a higher maximum weight capacity.

All our manual wheelchairs are designed and built by the leading mobility brands. If you require a more bespoke option, we also offer custom built wheelchairs – contact us for more information.

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