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Who we work with

Our own customers are the focus of our business. Word-of-mouth recommendations, as a result of being here since 1983, keep us busy assessing new products and providing aftercare for the old ones.

We regularly collaborate with NHS & Private Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, and Social Support teams in our day-to-day work as an independent supplier who provide the impartial expertise that’s required for such a large range of healthcare products.


Loughborough University, and the Peter Harrison Centre for Disability Sport have worked with us throughout years of Bromakin’s history to develop wheelchair rollers and other test equipment. Also, national sports bodies such as British Athletics / England Athletics / Sport Scotland have collaborated with us to provide equipment and support their training for coaches & Athletes. We are also pleased to have the new Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre (Stanford Hall) only 7 miles away from us, where we have been able to assist their recovering clients.


We provide Access ramps and Wheelchair Annual servicing for local Pubs, Businesses, Churches, etc.  Also, you can find a Bromakin basketball Wheelchair in use on a demonstration stand at Nike Town in London.

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Shop display


We appreciate the work of Case Management firms such as Bush & Co, HACM, SIA, and others to maximise their clients potential and well-being after sustaining a physical injury.


There are too many charities that we work with to list them all! We keep a list of them to be able to help our customers with funding options.


We often provide quotations for applications for funding from Access to Work & NHS Continuing Healthcare.

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Bromakin Wheelchairs is always looking for exciting new partnerships. If you’re interested in working with us, please complete the form below with more details and we’ll get in touch.

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