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Wheelchair Rugby is NOT a sport for gentlefolk - your mission is to get past your opponents' defence to win the point. You don't ask politely and wait for them to move aside - you SMASH your way through. Yes, you will be needing a chair that can take SEVERE punishment. Rugby Attack in action Built to conform to the latest IWRF standards, the Attack XX builds on fifteen years experience engineering these things to endure. Near zero ground clearance, extensive shielding, anti-tips and manoeuvrability all play a part in keeping the Attack XX firmly on the ground. Optimised strengthening and the latest materials keep the weight down - meaning greater acceleration, greater break away opportunities. If you're interested in wheelchair rugby, why not support your local team at their next match. You might be surprised at what you see and might want to join in. Just one thing though if you do - you might consider bringing some Elastoplast - (available at all good chemists).

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