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ALBER e-pilot

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The e-pilot offers a new kind of mobility. Thanks to the large front wheel, you can easily expand the possibilities of the manual wheelchair. A dirt road or rutted ground is no problem. Even a curb can easily be overcome. The fitting kit will mount to a folding or a rigid wheelchair. 
The speed can be increased up to 20 km/h. This makes the trip really fun and you will reach your destination faster! 
  • Innovative and elegant hydroforming aluminum frame
  • Integrated battery holder with lock
  • Cables and wires in the frame
  • Button for ON/OFF, Menu, Speed selection/Reverse gear, Tour data
  • Button for horn and light
  • Brake lever left and right, hydraulic
  • Stand with patented swivelling function for easily overcoming obstacles
  • USB socket for charging a smartphone
  • Basic colour black, design colour white silk matt
  • Traffic approved lighting
  • Gearless motor, therefore noiseless, and maintenance free
  • Motor with 250 watts (constant) and 650 W (peak)
  • Balloon pneumatic tires 16"
  • Preselection of maximum speed in 4 steps, reverse gear
  • Charging time of an empty battery approxinately 4 hours

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