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When would a lightweight folding wheelchair be useful?

Here at Bromakin, we offer a wide variety of mobility products to our customers in Loughborough and the surrounding cities. Among our most popular products is our extensive range of lightweight folding wheelchairs.

While not intrinsically as robust as our rigid frame wheelchairs that are constructed with less moving components, they are extremely versatile for users and carers alike. Lightweight wheelchairs can weight significantly less than the traditional type of wheelchair, can be transported intact, and fold to a compact size that can easily be stored in a car boot or on the back seat of a vehicle.

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at some of the times when a lightweight folding wheelchair can be particularly useful.

Shopping trips

If you have mobility issues, even a trip to the shops can be an effort. With a lightweight folding wheelchair, you can get to your favourite shopping centre with it in the back of the car and if your own health isn’t always enough to propel yourself around, then a friend, family member, or carer can propel you instead while you enjoy a spot of retail therapy.

Hospital visits

It’s never easy to know, ahead of time, whether there will be a spare wheelchair available at the hospital, whether you’re attending as a patient or visiting. With a lightweight folding wheelchair of your own, you no longer have to worry about availability, or about waiting to be given a chair when you arrive. You can get in and out on your own schedule.

Day trips from care homes

Likewise, while many care homes have wheelchairs for their residents to use on day trips with family and loved ones, often they are in limited supply. Also, if they are being used by other residents, you may need to adjust them each time you take an elderly or infirm relative out for the day. By investing in your own chair, there will be no disappointments for your loved one, and you know the wheelchair is already set up for their optimal comfort.

Trips to the countryside

There are plenty of beauty spots around the country that can be accessed by wheelchair, but which would be difficult to attempt by walking for someone with mobility, heart, breathing, or other health issues. A lightweight folding wheelchair in the back of the car means they don’t have to miss out on these beautiful places, so long as there is a suitably flat path or trail to navigate.

A chair of their own

You can get your own wheel chair following a referral to NHS Wheelchair Services by your GP or other health professional. However, many customers prefer to purchase a chair of their own. Some don’t like the idea of having a chair that has been used by somebody else, others simply feel that if they can afford their own, then they won’t bother getting the NHS involved, while others have their eye on a particular model that isn’t available from the NHS.

If you’re based in the East Midlands and could benefit from a lightweight folding wheelchair, get in touch with the team at Bromakin today on 01509 217569 to arrange an appointment at our Loughborough showroom, where you will have a chance to try some of our models in person. We will be happy to discuss your particular mobility needs and help you choose the right model to meet those requirements.
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