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What weight is a lightweight wheelchair?

Being lightweight is a default defining criteria, when it comes to selecting a wheelchair for our customers. Whether they’re getting themselves in and out of a car or negotiating busy city centre streets, they like the added mobility and manoeuvrability that comes with a lightweight model.

But just how lightweight are these wheelchairs and is there a difference between different types and models? In this article, we intend to answer both of those questions.

Lightweight Rigid Wheelchairs

These are the two main categories for lightweight wheelchairs: rigid and folding. Of the two, rigid wheelchairs are almost always lighter, as they require less components (hinges, catches, and so on) needed to make them fold. However, rigid wheelchairs are often still designed to pack down as small as possible for storage and transportation. Part of that process involves taking the wheels off, which accounts for much of the chair’s weight.

When assessing the weight of a rigid wheelchair, we’re talking about the frame only, as that is the key part a user needs to be able to lift in and out of their car. Generally-speaking, a custom-built model will be lighter than a generic model, as they use welded joins, rather than bolted components. Not only does this result in less weight, but also a stronger framework. Rigid wheelchairs can weigh less than 4kg (as is the case with the rgk Sub4 range) and even drop below 3kg in weight (the Panthera X). That’s about the weight of a brick!

Lightweight Folding Wheelchairs

Unlike rigid wheelchairs, folding wheelchairs tend to be transported with their wheels attached, which bumps the weight up considerably. Premium lightweight folding models include the QUICKIE Xenon2 at around 11kg and the Motion Composites Helio C2 at around 9kg. This compares to regular wheelchairs intended for occasional use such as the Invacare Action 2NG that weigh in at between 15-16kg – quite the difference.

If you travel infrequently and only want an off-the-shelf solution that is still light enough for transport purposes, the Karma Ergolite wheelchair is a good choice.

Add-ons and extras

These weights are for the frame alone (or the frame and wheels in the folding wheelchair examples). If you want your wheelchair to include arm-rests, anti-tips, push handles, extra cushioning, and the like, all of these are going to increase the weight of your chair. But by discussing your needs and priorities with our expert mobility advisors, you will be able to find the best solution that incorporates the required features with the lowest weight impact. Bromakin provide independent products from all the leading suppliers, and even in-house customisations.

For quality lightweight folding wheelchairs and rigid wheelchairs in Loughborough and the surrounding areas, contact Bromakin today on 01509 217 569 or via email to A member of the team will be happy to arrange an appointment for you to visit our showroom and inspect our range of lightweight chairs.

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