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QUICKIE Q700R Sedeo Pro

The Q700 R is QUICKIE’s most advanced rear-wheel drive powered wheelchair. It’s a high-performance power wheelchair with superior style and manoeuvrability. Innovative gyro-control keeps you safely on track and spirit level technology ensures that both wheels keep maximum traction at any time.

Price from: £8,995 Excl. VAT

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Enjoy the supremely comfortable – and suitable for all – SEDEO® PRO seating system. Plus, stay connected with the world around you with a selection of easy-to-use controls and personalise your drive with QUICKIE’s patented assignable buttons.

The SEDEO PRO seating system combines a highly adjustable and configurable seating frame with an excellent choice of support options, including a wide range of SEDEO PRO seat cushions and backrests for mild to medium clinical needs. The SEDEO PRO is very comfortable to use and enhances user independence in everyday life.


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