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Permobil M Corpus VS

The Permobil M Corpus® VS powerchair combines the easy manoeuvrability of a mid-wheel-drive base and the ‘best-in-class’ power standing experience.

Price from: £24,800 Excl. VAT

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The M Corpus VS is equipped with highly advanced mechanisms and programming technology, which enables our service technicians to edit and adjust its standing process live, using the ‘QuickConfig’ mobile-app. This can be done during the handover of your new wheelchair or at a later date as your condition changes. With the M Corpus VS, you can stand confidently and securely.

The MVS Corpus comes with either pneumatic or solid tires, 85 Ah maintenance-free batteries, a charger, and a top speed of 10 km/h. It includes a bio-mechanically powered backrest, elevating and articulating leg rests, seat elevation, and anterior/posterior tilt power functions.

Body panel shrouds are coloured: SKY (blue) / AQUA (teal) / SPRING (green) / CANARY (yellow) / SUNSET (orange) / CHILI (red) / FLAMINGO (pink) / VIOLET / MIDNIGHT (black) /ARCTIC (pale grey/white) / GOLD / BRONZE / PLATINIUM (silver gey)

Maximum speed 6 and 10 km/h
Range (G24: 85 Ah batteries) 40 km*
Maximum user weight 120 kg
Obstacle climbing (with run up) 50 mm (60 mm)
Minimum turning diameter 1310 mm
Turning in corridor 1000 mm
Suspension Duallink
Maximum standing angle 70°
R-net electronics Power Platform 120 A
Width incl. seat 650–790 mm
Height 1090–1170 mm
Minimum transport length 880 mm
Minimum transport height (folded backrest) 825 mm
Weight incl. batteries 85 Ah 201 kg
Weight of batteries 85 Ah 2×23 kg
Seat height (with electric seat elevator) 450–750 mm
Seat depth 370–570 mm (by 25 mm)
Seat width 420–570 mm (by 50 mm)
Backrest width 360/410/460/510 mm
Backrest height 470, 545-670 mm (by 25 mm)
Armrest height 215-330 mm
Distance between armrests 380–480/480–580 mm


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