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Quantum Edge 3

The Edge 3 is the result of 8 years of product development, featuring upgraded SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension) for a comfortable ride and advanced stability. The product offers a range of comfort and configuration options, ensuring a high-quality experience.

Price from: £6,595 Excl. VAT

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The Edge 3 is a highly customizable power wheelchair that comes with a range of features to enhance your mobility and comfort. With Optional iLevel®, you can achieve a top speed of 4.5 mph and adjust your seat height by up to 12 inches. Standard features include LED fender lights, a USB charger, and colour accents on the drive wheels. You can choose from a total of 14 colours, including seven new bold options.

The TRU-Balance® 3 Seating comes with the Stealth TRU-Comfort cushion 2 SPP, and NE+ Controls. These controls are a fully programmable, modular electronic control system that enables you to operate your Quantum® power chair with ease. They allow you complete control over the speed and movement of your chair. You can also choose to have the optional Power Tilt or Power Recline features added to your chair, as is expected for a configurable powerchair like this.

The TRU-Balance® 4 Power Positioning Systems provide users with a choice of 10°, 20°, or 30° of powered anterior tilt. These systems are designed to optimize the user’s positioning and accessibility, making it easy to perform daily tasks such as accessing sinks, cupboards, grooming, and general household chores, etc.



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