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Quantum R-Trak

The Quantum R-Trak is a new powerchair model that was introduced in 2023. It comes with the SRS suspension system, which makes for a comfortable and capable ride. The design of the chair is modern, simple, and showcases the complexity of the mechanisms.

Price from: £6,495 Excl. VAT

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Currently, the market for powerchairs is dominated by mid-wheel-drive models. However, the R-Trak proves that a compact and high-quality rear-wheel-drive model has its place. It is an excellent option for active users who prefer this style and intend to cover a lot of ground outdoors on uneven surfaces.

The additional seat riser provides a 25cm lift without affecting the top speed of 3.5mph when raised. For an additional up-charge option, users can select a seat tilt function that goes to an angle of fifty degrees.

The shrouds are available in a large range of colours, to be able to choose your personal style that suits you best, rather than the bright yellow colour!



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