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Pride Fusion

Pride Mobility’s Fusion powerchair is a great standard-package electric wheelchair. It can be used indoors or outdoors, although a lot of our customers choose to use it as a mainly outdoor wheelchair thanks to its large castor wheels and sturdy chassis.

Price from: £2,550 Excl. VAT

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Pride Mobility

The Fusion is available in two versions; one with motor-powered seat tilt (but with only Manual Recline angle settings that are selected by using a simply spring plunger), OR an upgraded version for an extra £200 that has both motor-powered Tilt & Recline angle. As a user sitting in your wheelchair you can adjust the seating positions by using the joystick to make the motors adjust the angle up/down or forwards/backwards.

50Ah batteries are plenty big enough for the requirements of almost everyone, and means that you will typically get several years out of their lifespan before needing to replace them, although their capacity will usually decline gradually each month, after an initial period of conditioning the batteries up to their full capacity.

A Swing-away joystick mount is included as standard, which is a great feature to have.

Both of the versions of the Fusion are built using the comfortable Ion seating system. The standard cushion is only foam so often upgraded to one of the much nicer Stealth cushions that are also supplied by Pride Mobility.


Pride Mobility

Pride Wheelchairs have been sold by us at Bromakin to many of our customers across Leicestershire for several decades. Their full range is distributed by Pride Mobility UK, who are leading provider of mobility solutions. Their range of products are designed to help those with disabilities, elderly, and other mobility challenges get around with independence and freedom. Other aspects of their large range of products include seating, harnesses and belts by Stealth products, Tarta backrests, and the Adi range of backrests.  Pride Mobility’s product range includes a variety of power and manual Pride Wheelchairs, also their GoGo scooters are almost an industry standard for the transportable mobility scooter sector. They also have lift&recline chairs that are sold under the Sitting Pretty brand, and other mobility accessories such as rollator holders for your mobility scooter. Their Pride powered electric wheelchairs are available as a standard range that is branded as Pride (and Jazzy), and also a more specialist brand of configurable powerchairs under the Quantum Brand.   Pride Mobility’s scooters can be seen all over Leicestershire and the East Midlands, being used by people who want a large mobility scooter that is a sort of substitute for a car, and also for many people who use them weekly for outings where they are loaded into their car or a taxi, and then unloaded and re-assembled for use. They are available in a variety of styles, speeds and sizes to fit the user’s needs. They offer a range of features such as lights, baskets, adjustable tiller heights, and even seats with an additional wider width.  Pride scooters also have a few products that are starting to become hard to find in the UK market now, such as the Colt-Twin, which is like a Three-wheel mobility scooter, but actually has two front steering wheels that are set close together, for a medium to large size for outdoor use, it has a very tight turning radius, which makes them great for navigating tight spaces such as narrow side alleys to the rear of a property to be able to store the scooter in a shed, or access a lower curb up and into a property. The ‘Zero Turn 8’ product is the only 4 wheeled mobility scooter available that has such a wide base, but is so manoeuvrable that it could be considered for indoor use instead of a powered wheelchair.  
Pride Mobility
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