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Stealth® Cushions

The Stealth range of cushions can be used for powered wheelchairs or daily use wheelchairs. There are several different types with a varying level of postural support, using a variety of technologies to provide a mix of comfort and pressure relief to suit your preference. The sizes range from 10″ x 10″ to 32″ x 28″.

Price from: £70 to over £300 Excl. VAT

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Features of the cushions include things such as Coccyx & sacral relief, Coolcore technology (Moisture Wicking & Transportation & Evaporation), Soft gel top layers, urethane or Polyurethane liner, etc.

We really love the softness of Stealth Tru Comfort SPP2 cushions, for their ability to make sinking into the Visco memory foam feel comfortable. And they are a reasonably priced option of around £170 depending on the size. But of course what one person finds comfortable, is different to the next person so we recommend coming to speak to us about it and having a physical sit on a cushion. And then not rushing to get off it again, but waiting to see how it feels after being sat in for a while longer. Generally, being able to absorb into a cushion will provide good pressure relief, however their can be downsides such as heat build-up or it being harder to transfer back out of the cushion.




Stealth is a manufacture from the USA that has been going since 1999. We sell their range of accessory items such as cushions and specialist backrest and mounting brackets, as part of the complete mobility solution that we offer to our customers when we supply wheelchairs and powered wheelchairs to our local Leicestershire customers. We can also supply their products to you if you live further away across the UK.
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