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Panthera Micro

The Panthera Micro is wheelchair for young children between one and five. It was designed a long time ago to be incredibly easy to use, and it has proved itself as a special product for young children to use mainly indoors to experience freedom of manoeuvering themselves.

Price from: £1,900 Excl. VAT

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The minimalist frame is made from Chromoly (high tensile bicycle tech tubing) with a titanium camber (axle) tube. The rear wheels are actually designed to use the same tubular lightweight tyres that are used on our racing wheelchairs. The single castor wheel provides easier rotation.

Panthera Micro wheelchair allows the child to sit comfortably and ergonomically (often using additional lightweight supports). The wheelchair is mainly designed for indoor use where the child pushes on the tyres, but can be used outside for playing, etc. Special Bromakin custom fabricated pushrims can be made to fit to the spokes if desired in the same way as a racing wheelchair (rubber coated if required).



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