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KiMobility Ethos (suspension)

The Ethos is the only chair of its type, a rigid chair with efficient pushing capability, yet with a seat-frame that is isolated from the base using vibration damping components. It’s still a lightweight chair that can be customised however you need it to be or look.

Price from: £3,300 Excl. VAT

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The Ethos model has the potential to set a new standard in what is possible to experience as a wheelchair user who has an active lifestyle that involved lots of traveling outdoors over uneven terrains. Instead of having to let your body absorb the vibrations that can contribute towards fatigue and body pain, the polymer pieces absorb it for you. The other benefit of this is that it flexes just the correct amount to make self-propulsion better also.

The Ethos has the potential to be a perfect combination of wheelchair to use in-conjunction with a front attachment such a Klaxon , Batec or a Speedy (to be determined)

The Maxx Mag wheel is only available to order on Ki Mobility products and is available in 20”, 22” and 24” size. with 21 colour variations, the 5-spoke design is made from a composite material and is 20% lighter than comparable wheels, plus it’s more maintenance-free than a spoked wheel.

We sell the full range of KiMobility Products: Catalyst 5 / Ti / Vx, Ethos, Rogue2, Rogue ALX, Focus CR, Liberty, Rogue XP, Little Wave Arc / Click / Flip / XP, Spark


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