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Ottobock Start M4 XXL

The Start M4 XXL is robust but lightweight, with reinforced rear wheels it is approved to suit users up to 160kg. The optional back stabiliser rounds out the wheelchair’s features without compromising its ability to foldup sideways (The backrest is non-folding). Available in a choice of 6 frame colours; Anthracite metallic, Jet black RAL 9005, Ice blue, Silver metallic , Saturn blue metallic, Traffic white RAL 9016.

Useful options to consider are the Single panel Aluminium footplate that joins the front of the frame together to increase strength and to help prevent the legrest from snapping for wheelchairs users who suffer from muscle spasms for example.  Also an attendant Drum brake system is available as an extra feature.

Price from: £1,076 Excl. VAT

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A Double Crossbrace with seat widths available up to 58cm ensures a strong folding mechanism. Another important frame design for a wheelchair that is designed to suit a heavier user, is the ability to set the rear wheels forwards in the frame, to make sure that the majority of the users weight is rolling weight over the axles, so that the effort required to manoeuvre the wheelchair is kept to a minimum.



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