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Motion Healthcare EvoLite

The EvoLite by Motion Healthcare was introduced in 2022 as one of the lightest mobility scooters available in the UK. The weight is almost half the weight of the most popular steel-chassis scooters, because the chassis tubes are aluminium instead of steel. Once split into 5 pieces for transportation, the heaviest part is only 10kg.

Price from: £1,995 Excl. VAT

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Motion Healthcare

The Lithium battery pack is 3kg and has a range of approximately 9 miles for an average person traveling at a steady speed. The battery is also small enough in capacity to be registered as approved for air travel.

The motor has 250w of power, which is typical for this type of small scooter, so the Evolite will cope with most typical requirements such as shopping, or trips along pavements. The 8″ wheels have a brilliant soft polyurethane foam compound that provides a small amount of suspension feel without needing physical suspension components that would make the scooter heavier. Also Delta-style handlebars and extra thick seat padding are standard features.

LENGTH 100cm / 39”
WIDTH 51cm / 20”
HEIGHT 89cm / 35”

SEAT WIDTH 43.5cm / 17”
SEAT DEPTH 39cm / 15.5”
FRONT WHEEL Solid 20cm / 8”
REAR WHEEL Solid 20cm / 8”
TOTAL WEIGHT 77lbs / 35kg
HEAVIEST PART 23.5lbs / 10kg
BATTERY WEIGHT 6.6lbs / 3kg


Motion Healthcare

Motion Healthcare
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