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Motion Healthcare Alumina

The Alumina by Motion Healthcare was introduced in 2022 as one of the lightest mobility scooters available in the UK. The chassis tubes are aluminium instead of steel that has historically been used for scooters, so hence, once it is separated into 5 pieces for transportation, the heaviest part is only 10kg.

Price from: £1,695 Excl. VAT

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Motion Healthcare

The difference of this Alumina model compared to the EvoLite model, is that it has all-round suspension and a good ground clearance. The long floor-pan has a very gradual slope to the wheel-arch at the front, which is less than you find on most scooters, which makes it uniquely suitable for people who need a long leg length to stretch forwards on such a small scooter. Also the adjustable tiller provides generous leg room.

The 4kg battery pack will provide a range of up to approximately 15miles, thanks to the Lithium battery technology, and the ‘Pro model’ goes up to approximately a 30 mile range with it’s 5kg battery pack. A smaller 10Ah battery pack is also available to meet with the restrictions for airline transportation.

LENGTH 90cm / 35”
WIDTH 50cm / 20”
HEIGHT 105cm / 41”

SEAT WIDTH 45cm / 18”
SEAT DEPTH 39cm / 15.5”
FRONT WHEEL Solid 19cm / 7.5”
REAR WHEEL Solid 19cm / 7.5”
TOTAL WEIGHT 73lbs / 33kg
HEAVIEST PART 22lbs / 9.98kg



Motion Healthcare

Motion Healthcare
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