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The Monarch Air is the first Ultra-Lightweight Mobility Scooter of it’s type, as it’s frame and wheels are made from Magnesium with a uniquely engineered design to produce a product that is genuinely light-enough for most people to lift up as it weighs only 14.75Kg, but importantly it is a true 4-wheel scooter with an (almost) full seat with armrest, and rear wheel drive.

Price from: £1,995 Excl. VAT

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Three-wheeler scooters are sometimes an affordable lightweight option, but they are almost never sold these days because of how poorly they handle when taking a turn around a corner. Four wheel scooters like this are much better. The MONARCH AIR is safe to use and suitable for most usage with its 8″ diameter wheels and adjustable tiller. The 120W brushless motor should be powerful enough for most people. As it is a brand new product, we can not speak from experience, but brushless motors in other manufactured products are a good feature.

rrp is usually £2,295 but a promotional launch price is being offered currently.


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