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KiMobility Little Wave Arc

Arc is the lightest paediatric folding tilt-in-space wheelchair available. It’s intuitive, easy-to-fold design and compact wheelbase make its folded footprint very small. It’s the perfect fit, leaving plenty of room for a family on the go.

Price from: £3,250 Excl. VAT

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Little Wave Arc is a brilliant lightweight Paediatric Folding wheelchair a large choice of colours (including 2 colour combo no-cost-option), plus seating refinements for best posture in combination with the KiMobility Axiom Custom Seating (or other alternative cushion).

The Arc Tilt System (patent-pending) results in effortless repositioning and a shorter, more manoeuvrable, wheelbase. The ‘Arc’ shaped roller-guide design  cleverly translates the Centre of Gravity on-the-spot as the seat tilts backwards. Other useful upgrades for this type of product include high-quality components to provide attendant operated foot-wheel-locks or drum-brakes for the most controllable & smooth slowing experience possible.

We sell the full range of KiMobility Products: Catalyst 5 / Ti / Vx, Ethos, Rogue2, Rogue ALX, Focus CR, Liberty, Rogue XP, Little Wave Arc / Click / Flip / XP, Spark


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