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Karma Ergo Live

The Ergo Live is a entry level priced folding wheelchair that is designed in the active style with self-propelling rear wheels and small manoeuvrable front castor wheels. It is a boxed item that is available to have supplied with a very short lead-time, but it is also available to have factory-fitted options such as swing-away armrests and anti-tips.

Price from: £1,195 Excl. VAT

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The S-Ergo Seating is a patented seating design that is similar to an ‘ergo seat’ that is often an extra-charge custom option on a bespoke active wheelchair. By using a flat rear section to help to keep the pelvis horizontal, and a shaped incline to the front section that maintains good posture. The Frame comes in a range of different sizes from 34cm to 44cm width. 

An important element of an active wheelchair is configuring the position of the rear wheels to be aligned more underneath the user than on a more passive wheelchair. The performance of the wheelchair is then improved by having more of the rolling weight over the axles. Moving the rear wheels back increases the wheelbase, therefore making the chair more stable, such as for a user with an amputation who has less weight to keep the front of the wheelchair planted securely on the ground. The optimum position is based on the individual’s weight, size, and strength.

The weight is a reasonable 13.5kg approximately, and can be reduced to a minimum by removing the rear wheels for transportation.




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