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The new Q5s X is a refined model of folding wheelchair. Following the success of products such as the Quickie-2 and the Quickie Life range of wheelchairs, the Q5s X is significantly lighter, and you will find the folding mechanism easier, and the overall chair better to use thanks to a more rigid-locking mechanism.

Price from: £1,500 Excl. VAT

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From push handles to castor forks, our online QUICKIE QS5 X visualizer will help you to create the QS5 X of your dreams! Style your ride with 24 vibrant frame colours, 4 castor fork and 4 rim colours. You can even match your cross-brace colour to your frame! Just click HERE to load.

The Fixed-Front version is a minimal modern style of chair, that has footrests that are permanently attached to the chair frame, providing additional stability and support. This type of chair works particularly well if you plan to use a Front-Power-Attachment.

The Swing-Away version has footrests that can be swung away to the side,to allow an easy transfer into (and out of) the chair from a standing position. With the footrest removed completely you can position the wheelchair close up against a chair to bed that you want to transfer on.


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