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Ex-Demo Freedom Chair A08L

We’ve been selling FreedomChair’s since 2018, and this is our original demo model. It’s still in good condition. It has the single lithium battery from 2018, however you could easily upgrade it to have one or two additional new batteries. Currently the demo chair is fitted with an additional attendant control (not photographed) that is also available for a £200 upcharge.

This chair has now been sold

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Freedom Chair

With the 19″ wide seat of the A08L but now fitted with 12.5″ Pneumatic rear wheels driven by 300W motors, the A08L has even greater outdoor capabilities. Bromakin can provide a low-cost price upgrade to Solid Infilled Tyres for users who want the advantage of the larger 12.5″ wheels, but still with the reassurance of a puncture-free drive. A lightweight and compact indoor/outdoor model for users up to 160kg.

Up to 3 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries can be fitted giving you a range of up to 27 mile depending on terrain and user weight. Adaptor cable included for off-board charging.

This powered chair will turn on its own axis making it much easier to use than a mobility scooter in restricted areas such as retail spaces and lifts. Steering with the joystick is very intuitive and can be left or right handed.

For side transfers into and out of your seat, there is a handy flip-up function on both armrests. Also very useful for clearing the joystick when drawing up to tables.  Additional Batteries are £298.

*price is based on collection from bromakin in Loughborough after a demonstration and setup*

*joystick can be swapped to left-hand drive*


Freedom Chair

Freedom Chair
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