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Ex-Demo Rio Mobility Firefly 2.5

Our Firefly 2.5 demo model is in good condition and can fit to almost any wheelchair that has a section of frame suitable for attaching the frame clamps on to.

Priced: £1,450 Excl. VAT

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*PRICE IS FOR COLLECTION AND HANDOVER AT BROMAKIN SHOWROOM – fitted to your existing wheelchair using round-profile tube clamps, specially shaped clamps for oval tubing such as on a Quickie Helium/Nitrum/Xenon are available but at an upcharge*

We can supply this to you as an ex-demo product by shipping it to you for you to fit yourself, contact us to discuss the suitability and price for shipping.

We have had this demo model since late 2020, and it has only covered 4 miles.

Spare replacement batteries can be purchased for £649 for a genuine item from the supplier RioMobility (via us at Bromakin), or similar batteries are also even available online for £250-£300, but we are not able to advise on them and their suitability other than if they are a matching 36v 7ah with matching polarity connections.

Although we recommend adhering to the speed limit of 4mph for pavement use as a Class2 mobility vehicle, the Firefly can go twice the speed of a power wheelchair, up to approximately 15mph.

The side attachment points are best suited to a rigid wheelchair but can also fit to some folding wheelchairs. It will also load easily in any car, as it splits into 3 pieces if necessary. Wider 3 inch tire added traction.



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