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Benoit Systemes Light Drive 2.1

Light Drive² enables you to motorise your wheelchair very easily. You can disengage the motor easily to use the wheelchair manually. The Rear mounted motors and battery can be detached easily for transportation.

Price from: £5,250 Excl. VAT

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8.8kg, with speeds up to 6.2 mph. 2 x 130 W motors. 12 Ah lithium battery. Suitable for indoors or outdoors. The system really has to be driven and tested to believe just how well it performs in a similar way to regular powerchair.



BENOIT SYSTEMES was founded by Robert BENOIT in 1994 and has been providing innovative solutions for people with reduced mobility for almost 30 years. They are located in Burgundy in France, about an hour's drive from Dijon. Bromakin are now happily supplying the Benoit LightDrive2.1 to our active wheelchair customers in the midlands, and also to long-standing powerchair users who like the portability of the system.  [expander_maker id="1" more="Read more" less="Read less"] Their first product was the Light Active, a light & removable power assist add-on for wheelchairs, it quadrupled the amount of power from the user's arm-strength. Then the Light Drive, a joystick-operated power add-on, and the Light Assist, was developed.   At Bromakin in Loughborough, we manufacture our own range of highly customised lightweight wheelchairs for active users, and for people with more limited physical ability. The Benoit LightDrive2.1 is a perfect product to be fitted in conjunction with a bespoke wheelchair, because it provides the function of a powered wheelchair but with the lightweight of a manual wheelchair.   The Benoit products are now distributed into the UK by Susurro, who we are confident will provide very good backup support for the Benoit product range.  [/expander_maker] 
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