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The Quickie Q50R Carbon is a genuinely super-lightweight powered wheelchair. This 14.5 kg Carbon Fibre model weighs less than most traditional folding wheelchairs. It will fold up very easily without removing any components, and it can be stored away in a small space.

Price from: £2,695 Excl. VAT

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We sell a large range of portable powerchairs and offer demonstration from our showroom in Loughborough. This type of ultra-lightweight electric wheelchair is mainly intended for use when travelling out and about and needing to lift it into and out of a vehicle. However if it fits you well and is suitably comfortable, there is no reason why it could not be used all day as an indoor wheelchair. The standard model comes with one battery with a 10Ah capacity. The Q50R Carbon Plus model has double batteries for extended range of travel between charges, or alternatively you could use the wheelchair with one battery while the other one is being recharged. The batteries for this chair are approved for air transport.

The chair can support a maximum user weight of up to 136 kg.

In comparison to a mobility scooter the Q50 R Carbon has a much smaller turning circle of only 80cm, so it will turn easily in narrow spaces and other restricted spaces such as disabled access toilets.


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