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Alber Twion M24

The Twion was the very lightest version of the Alber powered wheels. however that have now been replaced by the latest version M25 of Emotion wheels that is almost as light but more powerful and very configurable to your preferred pushing style.

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Please see the E-motion M25 wheels for a suitable alternative to the now discontinued Alber M24 Twion Wheels.

The Mobility Pack allows this device to communicate with smartphones. The App, which is downloadable on Google Play Store, will enable you to get information on the battery charge level, distance travelled, and route, displayed via a GPS. Users looking to have a sportier driving experience can have the driving profile adapted to suit their style. If a potential problem occurs, the diagnostic function will help you locate the origin of the problem and if necessary, to contact our customer service.


Alber Wheelchair Power Attachments

Alber wheelchair power-assist devices are an innovative way for those with mobility issues to gain greater independence and control over their movements. Established in 1986, Alber has become a leader in the field of assistive technology, providing products that are designed to make life easier for those who use wheelchairs.   [expander_maker id="1" more="Read more" less="Read less"]For several decades, since the introduction of the first Alber Emotion wheels in the year 2000, Bromakin have been embracing Alber’s products that are reliable, easy to use, and efficient. Their power-assist devices offer users a unique way to move their wheelchairs with minimal effort. The devices work by replacing the wheelchair’s rear wheels, and are powered by a rechargeable battery, allowing the user to move forward and reverse with ease.   Alber power-assist devices are designed to be lightweight and compact, allowing for easy portability, by removing them from the wheelchair for transportation or leaving them attached to the wheelchair, but loading it all into a car using a hoist or a ramp.   As Bromakin was formed by Pete Carruthers in Loughborough, Leicestershire, and Pete was a Quadriplegic, he knew just how hard propelling a wheelchair is for users with lower levels of muscle power, so over time Bromakin found that we had a large customer base with high level spinal cord injuries, who would benefit a lot from the power-assist devices that Alber manufacture. We have also supplied other power assist products such as the Yamaha system used by Ottobock Z50, or the Steering Developments Motion Drive.  The Alber power assist add-ons are able to fit to almost any wheelchair. They do however require special mounting brackets, so we fit them in our Leicestershire workshop. In some instances, custom modifications are required, but that is not a problem to us because we have our own in-house engineers and fabrication facility. [/expander_maker]
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