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KLAXON Klick Race

The Klaxon Race is a ‘more-than’ competent and easy to use Front-Power-Attachment option, that is suitable for fitting to all types of lightweight wheelchair. Weighing 11.4Kg without the battery. Featuring a 48v 1500W brushless motor. The 11.6Ah battery is £200 more than the Airline certified 5.8Ah.

Price from: £4,695 / £4,895 Excl. VAT

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The product range is called ‘Klick’ because of how simply they are engaged or disengaged with a “click” sound. In fact they have two click sounds; the first click is when inserting the central attachment piece into the underseat cross bar, the second click is when docking the Power-attachment main section onto your wheelchair. You are then ready to turn on the power and setoff. Lowering your wheelchair back down again is just as simple with another few clicks.

The standard features include a single disc brake rotor that is combines a double Brake brake caliper system so that if one happened to fault, the other is a backup. The motor also utilises an Electronic Brake System. There is a easy to reach, thumb operated brake button, or you can just pull on the brake lever as normal, but the first part of the lever engaged the motor-braking. The physical disc brake is there to engage afterwards with more force if required.

Another great design feature of this product range that is incorporated as standard into the cost price is a clever folding-kickstand. So it springs into place whenever you need to stand the attachment when it is not in use, but once it’s attached onto your wheelchair, the stand flexes forwards away from your feet.

The ‘Tetra’ option is available for a £600 upcharge, to fit a push/pull handlebar setup that requires no hand dexterity to operate the controls, and includes a change to the central attachment piece.

We are supplier of the full Klaxon Power range of products; Klaxon Klick Power (& Tetra Power) / Klaxon Klick Race (& Tetra Race) / Klaxon Klick Monster / Klaxon Klick Mini Standard / Klaxon Klick Mini Carbon / Klaxon Klick Hybrid Handbike.



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