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VARILITE® Icon Back System

The Icon Back Support is an ideal lightweight solution for users needing trunk support. The VARILITE backs provide a briliant solution for those wanting a soft air-foam padding, fast installation, adjustment versatility. The shell curves around the sides of the body lateral support, while the accompanying enhanced rollover cushion protects the user and provides maximum comfort.

Price from: £459 Excl. VAT

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The key special feature of the VARILITE backrest compared to other contour backrests is the VARILITE® air-foam floatation padding that is a self-inflating foam, meaning that it can be adjusted to the comfort desired.

Spacer knit fabric on the outside of the cover increases air-flow between the user and the back support. The Full range of back shapes include the Low, Mid, Tall, Deep. The price ranges from £459 up to approximately £600 for the Deep Contour.



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