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Triride Light

The Triride ‘Light’ model is the replacement for the ‘Base’ model. It is very similar, but with slightly more power. You get the Triride quality, but for £800 less than the ‘Special Light’ model. The battery upgrade option is improved. Also available as a compact 10″ wheel model.

Price from: £3,495 Excl. VAT

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Triride® is a smart, efficient and convenient solution for turning a manual wheelchair into a motorised one. Triride now has a brilliant range of products conceived, designed and produced in Italy by Gianni Conte, who made the first prototype for his personal use and then decided to start the company.

The  10″ or 12” or 14″ wheel make it very compact and manageable, lightweight and handy, complete with the fantastic electronic functions, allows you to enter in the exciting experience of a new mobility.



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