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TOPRO Troja 5G

TOPRO Troja 5G has a modern design combined with a high level of quality, safety, comfort and durability. It has an on-trend matt colour coating and offers a wide range of colour options. It’s lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. We usually have a Medium size model of the Classic version available in our showroom to try.

Price from: £309 Excl. VAT

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The detachable shopping bag is designed with an on-trend grey fabric print on the lid. It has a reflector band for visibility and safety in the dark, a practical carrying strap and closes easily with a zipper. It holds up to 10 kg and has two inner pockets for small items.

TOPRO Roll Resistance System (RRS) can be fitted to reduce the speed when walking with the rollator for added safety. The One-handed-brake option is available for users with strength in only one hand. Several other accessories are available such as trays, umbrella, crutch holder, transport bag.



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