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TGA Vita X

The TGA Vita X is an innovatively engineered modern design of large sized mobility scooter, that has features such as full-suspension, adjustable tiller, and alloy wheels, grippy tyres, and a ‘rear mounted carrying frame’ that is styled to look like a rollcage. 8 Mph maximum speed with optional larger batteries.

Price from: £5,195 Excl. VAT

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In the matching style that comes with the TGA Vita range of mobility scooters, the front & rear lights and indicators are the modern High visibility LED type, and the Front and rear bumpers are minimal, but help to protect the bodywork. The digital display is great, and easy to use. Also the seat is extra contoured for maximum support if riding over all-terrains. Finishing touches include LED daytime running lights, twin mirrors and cup holders.



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