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Roma Shoprider Sovereign 888

The Roma Shoprider Sovereign 888 is the traditionally styled 4mph mobility scooter that has been tried and tested for several decades and is much loved by some users. Small and easy to drive.

Price from: £1,520 Excl. VAT

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The Shoprider Sovereign 888 comes in Metallic Red colour. Pneumatic (3.00 – 4) tyres are fitted as standard, but solid infilled (Grey or Black) tyres can be fitted by us at bromakin if you prefer the peace of mind to not have to worry about getting a puncture. The battery packs contain 36ah agm batteries that will provide years of usage and travel a range of approximately 15 to 20 miles. The Shoprider is affordable and functional. With a sliding seat position and the steering tiller has angle adjustment to suit your size.

At Bromakin we sell the full range of Roma Medical Shoprider Mobility Scooters; Sovereign 888, Valencia, Cadiz, Cordoba


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