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RGK Octane FX

The RGK Octane FX is a unique folding-rigid lightweight wheelchair that shares the same custom-made grade 9 titanium material of the rgk Octane range. An aluminium version called the Tiga FX is also available. The front frame and backrest fold-flat into a tiny size.

Price from: £4,655 Excl. VAT

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The Octane FX model is a fully bespoke titanium construction. You can choose to use this model of wheelchair in much the same way as a regular rigid lightweight, but then if the situation arises that you need it to fit into a very small space such as a friend or colleagues car, the front frame folds completely flat. rgk promote the wheelchair as being perfect for storage in the overhead locker of an aeroplane!

We have a showroom version of the Aluminium Tiga FX for you to come and try out in person.

The frame finish is available painted, but almost everyone chooses to have either the bead-blasted titanium surface finish, or the polished finish. Special build options are available to choose from. Colour can be added back into the wheelchair by adding touches to the Spinergy spoke & castor wheel colours, or upholstery stitching and tyre colours. In fact, you can really get creative with adding colour to your wheelchair; Newton Airgrip pushrims by Motion Composites are great colours whilst also being grippy and very durable (unlike painted pushrims), and Coloured frame impact guards that we can have custom-made to suit are also cheap, and easy to change from time-to-time.


RGK Wheelchairs & Accessories

Since its foundation in 1992, RGK Wheelchairs has been dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and providing mobility solutions of the highest quality. The British, midlands-based company has been a major brand in the wheelchair industry for more than three decades, and is thoroughly recognized as a world leader in the design and production of sports wheelchairs and ultra-lightweight custom-made wheelchairs. [expander_maker id="1" more="Read more" less="Read less"] Bromakin was partly involved with helping the founders of RGK to get their production started, by providing them with some of their initial sports wheelchairs, that they then used as a way to develop their own designs, and Pete was happy to help their business to establish themselves. RGK chose to concentrate their focus on manufacturing court sports wheelchairs, and the Bromakin wheelchair brand chose to focus mainly on our Racing wheelchairs. From our Bromakin store in Loughborough, we have been supplying rgk’s range of products alongside our own custom-made wheelchairs for a number of years. We particularly like their products with unique selling points such as the ultra-lightweight Sub4 Octane, and the Folding-Rigid wheelchair the Tiga FX / Octane FX. The RGK Frontwheel genuinely completely changes the usability of an active wheelchair to be suitable for use on uneven surfaces and offroad in combination with a set of MTB style wide-tyre-wheels. Initially designed for use on only their own brand of wheelchairs, but we are now able to fit the RGK Frontwheel to most other makes of rigid wheelchair. [/expander_maker]
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