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Rehasense Track Wheel

Whether you are crossing bumpy roads in the city, rolling over cycling and hiking trails, or exploring rough nature trails – with the Outdoor Front Wheel TRACK WHEEL you can move effortlessly on a wide range of terrains. Thanks to the 12” TRACK WHEEL the castor wheels are raised, and the wheelchair is tilted slightly backwards.

From £450 Excl Vat for single arm version


The rolling resistance is noticeably reduced & the forward stability is massively increased at the same time as removing the problem of the wheelchair’s small castor wheels getting stuck.

TRACK WHEEL comes in two innovative docking systems:

The TRACK WHEEL is attached to the rigid foot plate of the wheelchair. For docking after assembly, you do not need any tools or an additional bracket.
The TRACK WHEEL was specially developed for folding wheelchairs with fixed integrated footrests and is therefore equipped with double clamping.



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