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R82 Cricket Buggy

The Cricket is a lightweight buggy designed for children. It can be folded up to be as small as possible and comes in two sizes to adapt to your child’s growth, making it usable for several years.

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The frame of the buggy is lightweight and compact while also providing stability and support. The puncture-proof wheels ensure exceptional performance on both urban and uneven trails. The Cricket buggy is approved for transportation.

Cricket offers a two-position back recline feature that allows the user to switch from sitting to a relaxed position. The backrest angle can be adjusted from 110° to 125° for extra comfort.

This stroller has a three-dimensional fold, making it extremely compact when folded. It can be folded both front-to-back and sideways, and it is self-standing, requiring minimal storage space.

Size 1 Size 2
Item number 87043100 87043200
Armrest to seat distance (mm) 160-190 160-190
Back width (mm) 340 395
Backrest angle (°) 110-125 110-125
Backrest height (mm) 500 570
Effective back width (mm) 270 330
Effective seat depth (mm) 210-310 310-430
Effective seat width (mm) 340 395
Folded height (mm) 485 485
Folded length (mm) 760 760
Folded width (mm) 355 355
Footrest to seat distance (mm) 180-360 225-370
Front location of arm rest structure (mm) 200 275
Front wheel diameter (mm) 180 180
Leg to seat surface angle (°) 360 360
Length (mm) 750 750
Mass device (kg) 12.4 13.4
Maximum rated load (kg) 49.4 65.4
Maximum user mass (kg) 35 50
Maximum user mass in transportation (kg) 35 43
Minimum turning radius (mm) 725 763
Overall height (mm) 1000 1050
Overall width (mm) 525 575
Rear wheel diameter (mm) 280 280
Required width of right angled corridor (mm) 815 815
Seat plane angle (°) 20 20
Seat surface height at front edge (mm) 500-530 540-580
Static stability downhill (°) 10 10
Static stability sideways (°) 10 10
Static stability uphill (°) 10 10



Lightweight paediatric wheelchairs and adaptive strollers promoting participation in everyday activities.
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