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The Quickie Helium model has now been replaced with the Quickie Nitrum model, that features many of the same design features for you to benefit from, alongside the new unique selling points of the Nitrum model such as the single handed twist folding backrest mechanism. We can still source Quickie Helium spare parts for you, and fit them alongside other servicing and maintenance if you already have a Helium model.

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Minimal, ultra-lightweight and completely refreshed, discover the next level of high-performance wheelchair with the QUICKIE Helium. Using modern Carbotecture® and hydroforming technology to deliver an extremely strong, sturdy and ultra-lightweight wheelchair.

We have access to the entire spare parts catalogue for Quickie so if you decide that you want to change an aspect of your wheelchair, instead of ordering an entire new wheelchair, we are able to order alternative parts and use our own engineers to fit them here in our workshop.


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