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Panthera S3

Panthera S3 is an active wheelchair that has been developed to help you live as active a life as possible and where great care has been taken in every detail.

Price from: £2,600 Excl. VAT

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The low weight together with the stable fixed frame and the castors with their unique profile on the tread make the wheelchair very easy to drive. The chassis’ seating angle together with adjustable back and seat upholstery and the angle-adjustable backrest allow you to obtain very good seating comfort.

The balance position of the chair is adjustable so that you can find a balance on the wheelchair where you feel safe. Accessories such as armrests and side guards have a unique design where the height and depth of the armrest can be adjusted without tools by yourself.
The soft upper part of the side guard that folds down under load, for example when moving to and from the wheelchair, and you can have your hands on the side guards when lifting yourself up or down. The nicely integrated anti-tip devices can be folded out by yourself sitting in the wheelchair.

S3 large has the same structure as S3 but is 50 mm longer and 25 mm higher than a regular S3 to fit the slightly larger users. The base price is an extra £445



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