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Ottobock Baxx Backrest

The Ottobock Baxx Line is anatomically shaped with a rigid aluminum shell. The shell has cutout sections for lighterweight. High Quality thick padding for comfort during daily life. You can choose from 5 different heights in across the 3 different contour depths. Width choices are from 250mm to 510mm, for enabling a selection that is tailored to the user’s size.

Price from: £647 Excl. VAT

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Ottobock Baxx contour backrest are some of the only ones that are available painted in a range colours: White RAL 9016 / Cream RAL 9001 / Yellow RAL 1023 / Signal red RAL 3001 / Pink RAL 4010 / Jet black RAL 9005 / Sparkle light orange / Silver metallic /Shimano matte / Candy red / Vinho sparkle / Ice blue / Sky blue / Sparkle granny-smith / Brilliant silver / Marine blue / Saturn blue metallic / Anthracite metallic / Sparkling iron effect light /Shimano matte.

The ‘Deep’ and ‘Extra Deep’ contour Baxx option have a small upcharge on top of the standard ‘Active’ contour. The standard shape is available with scapular cut out (AL series), and flat top back shell without scapular cut out (AFT series).



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