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Kuschall KSL 2.0

The KSL is built to the highest quality with new lightweight aluminium hydroformed frames in various styles. Offering a wide range of configuration possibilities, options and accessories, The KSL can be built and customised to your exact requirements, allowing you to express your own individual style and personality. The KSL is available in a Sub4.5 kg configuration for the frame transport weight without the rear-wheels attached.

The new hydroformed frame brings a unique and modern styling to The KSL. Additionally, the frame profile provides increased rigidity and ergonomic grip to support comfortable repositioning and transfers.  The combination of design and built-in precision results in an ultra-light wheelchair that delivers an exceptional driving experience. Below are some key features of The KSL.

Price from: £3,005 Excl. VAT

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The KSL is available with a choice of backrests. The fixed back is lightweight and welded to the angle of your choice, where the angle adjustable folding option makes it perfect for transportation and storage.  A range of backrest upholsteries provide varying levels of support and comfort. The clean castor housing design with integrated bearings reduces the amount of debris collecting in the wheels.


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