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Invictus Active Racing Wheelchair Roller

Suitable for all aspects of training – trackside warm up / cool down and indoor training with the added addition of  ‘momentum’ weights that easily secure to the rollers to create a different momentum and feel depending on the training workout required.

Price from: £899 Excl. VAT

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The latest version of the standard model is now made from Aluminium and comes as just a set of rollers, there is also a ‘smart’ model with bluetooth system to record speed, distance and calorie burn, storing all your data within the Wahoo app. The ‘Smart Plus’ model includes the speed & distance sensor, heart rate monitor and a phone stand.

The Invictus Rollers can be Shipped directly to you.

Folds and separates for transport and storage

Four independent rollers

Vary the momentum or resistance per arm

Record your speed and distance

Connect to an app and save all data


Invictus Active

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