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Invacare Aviva RX 40

The new Aviva RX range of powerchairs stand-apart from similar electric wheelchairs, due to their unique design that is sleek & modern with sculptured body panels and tasteful colour options. Another great feature is the CTC Suspension Control; All four wheels remain in contact with the ground thanks to shock-absorbing rubber elastomers.

Price from: £4,521 Excl. VAT

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The base price is for the model with a basic seat, that features a tension-adjustable-backrest, settable Seat Tilt angle of 0 – 15°, settable backrest Recline angle, and lift-out Armrests. The other version of the chair features Invacare’s Modulite seating system, that is highly adjustable and designed for the highest level of comfort and support.

The RX40 has a compact base size and is nicely manoeuvrable for such a substantial powerchair. It’s floor-to-seat height starts from only 43.5cm, which is great for making transfers onto the seat, to for positioning at tables.

The RX40 features the LINX system that learns your driving style, and then adapts the motors to ensure a consistent drive performance. Another features of the LINX technology is the ability to connect to the chairs electronics using a mobile app, that can give you extra info about your charging cycle for the batteries, and other details.

Like most configurable high-quality powered wheelchairs, you are able to order the RX40 to be made in the way that suits you, for example by having bigger batteries, faster motors, smaller castor wheels, solid tyres, softer suspension, and lighting.

We also supply the slightly more entry level version of the Aviva, the RX20. The price is about £600 less for the base model.


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