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ex-demo Batec Quad Hybrid

We’ve now sold this ex-demo Batec Quad Hybrid handbike, from 2019, and it’s had very minimal use. 20 x 2.” Maxxis Knobbly Tyre. 280wh 36v ‘flight approved’ lithium battery. Original rrp was over £6k. We still have an ex-demo Speedy Duo Handbike and a customer’s pre-used Quickie Attitude Handbike available.


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Sorry, this is now sold.

We still have an ex-demo Trirdie tribike Hybrid, and a Speedy Duo Handbike and a customer’s pre-used Quickie Attitude Handbike available.



Batec Mobility is a company that has been helping the way people with physical disabilities get around since 2006. Founded by Pau Bach, a Spanish engineer, the company has created a variety of handcycles and powertrike attachments that help people with physical disabilities to travel outdoors from one place to another with ease and independence.....   [expander_maker id="1" more="Read more" less="Read less"]The company was formed in 2006 when Pau Bach, an engineer with a passion for helping people with disabilities, developed a product initially for himself as a wheelchair user, an add-on handbike that could be connected to his wheelchair and which incorporated technology from e-bikes. The Batec Mobility solution is well made and deserves its place alongside other companies such as and Triride, who make similar products that Bromakin supply to our customers in Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.  Since its inception, the company has grown and developed to become one of the leading suppliers of handbikes for people with physical disabilities in its native home of Europe and also now other parts of the world such as Canada, America & Australia.   The company has developed a variety of different models of their mobility solution, which range from models that are designed for city and urban use, to models that are designed for off-road and extreme terrain use.   Batec has also been collaborating with wheelchair manufacturers to create specialised wheelchairs that are designed to be compatible with their mobility solutions. Bromakin have produced our own custom-made lightweight rgid wheelchairs with welded-in docking plates that reduce the weight of the docking bracket by a lot. We also supply rgk and Wolturnus wheelchairs that can be ordered with a docking plate welded-on.  As a company that was founded by a wheelchair user who made his own products for his own use, Bromakin identify with the Batec brand. We also like their social impact intentions to create jobs for disabled people. And that in a similar way to Bromakin working with Loughborough university and British Athletics, Batec also collaborate closely with Spanish institutions to promote an active lifestyle for people with disabilities. [/expander_maker]
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