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Empulse F55 14″ Wheel

Reduce the strain on your body and convert your wheelchair to a powered device with the EMPULSE F55. Simple to attach, the F55 gives you the freedom and confidence to travel further, faster and for longer without worrying about the physical effort.

Price from: £2,950 Excl. VAT

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Compact is size, the F55 stores just as neatly away in the boot of your car as it does at home, so it’s always ready to go at a moment’s notice. The attachment is supplied ‘off-the-shelf’ not made to order, so is usually available with a shorter lead-time than a Triride or Batec.

This 14″ drive wheel is more suited to off-road adventures. The other compact 8.5″ drive wheel model is great for urban manoeuvring around shopping centres.



Empulse is the brand name used by Sunrise Medical for their range of power-assist attachments designed for manual wheelchairs. [expander_maker id="1" more="Read more" less="Read less"]Empulse attachments give manual wheelchair users the freedom and confidence to travel further distances and at faster speeds than when pushing a manual wheelchair alone, allowing them to embark on more adventures in life.  All Empulse products are designed to fit easily onto a user's wheelchair and are powered by lightweight motors and lithium batteries. The R20 product is designed to make it easier for an attendant to push the wheelchair, while the F55 and StreetJet products are front-power attachments that lift the castor wheels off the ground, enabling faster travel over all terrains.   The WheelDrive wheels, on the other hand, function like power-assisted steering on a car, using sensors to make pushing effortless or fully powered. As a brand under Sunrise Medical, Empulse has a reputation for excellent after-sales care. We have always experienced top-notch service for any of the products we have supplied to our customers around Leicestershire.   Whether it's minor issues such as broken keys or more significant problems like replacement mechanisms, almost all required maintenance can be done in-house by our engineers. Empulse also provides a vast repository of answered questions online, as well as instructional videos that demonstrate how to perform tasks such as changing the tire on an R20 [embed][/embed] [/expander_maker] 
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